Welcome to Logic Puzzler, the digital persona of Michael Benson. I chose Logic Puzzler because of my interest in solving logic grid puzzles. To be specific, I want to write a program that can solve any logic grid puzzle. Please visit my website at Mystery Master to learn more about solving logic puzzles.

Another interest of mine is mathematics. Though still under construction, please visit my MathBin website.

A recent interest of mine is the very opposite of logic - politics! If you desire humor concerning Trumpland shenanigans, please visit Leftover News.

And for my thoughts, feelings, and misgivings on a variety of topics, please read my blog. My first post is a poem I wrote titled "The Fire". I hope you like it.

In March 2019, I started a class to learn Spanish. You can see some of my notes on my Spanish page.

Michael Benson
April 30, 2019

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